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Welcome to Global Achievers Foundation
  • Global Achiever's Foundation is involved mainly in the National or International Economic Growth issues, World Peace & Intellectual activities. To develop social and cultural cooperation between our progressive people and of all countries.
  • Global Achiever's Foundation is the partnership of business, professional and other representatives of the Indian community to define and discuss the key issues on the Indian economic agenda.
  • Global Achiever's Foundation draws attention on the theme �how the successful achievers can help the social & economic infrastructural development in and around the country.
  • Global Achiever's Foundation has been instrumental to conduct National & International seminars and conferences on various economic issues and topics. These Seminars have been organised on various economic issues and topics. These seminars have been attended by Ministers, senior bureaucrats & Ambassadors from many countries and also individuals and organizations from various economic fields. These seminars have attempted to deliberate on the development issues of the national economy and international cooperation.
  • Global Achiever's Foundation has formed Expert Committees such as the Awards Selection Committee, Economic Research Committee, Corporate Performance Committee, and also other Committee are planned in order to carry out the various functions of Global Achiever's Foundation.
  • Global Achiever's Foundation arranges meeting with Government Ministries to promote Society's aim and object & members throughout the world among people of Indian origin. Persons who receive the award will be the member of society.
  • Global Achiever's Foundation will appoint people both honourably and with remuneration carry out the main objects of promotion of Health, Education, Commerce, Industry and other fields.
  • Global Achiever's Foundation also promotes, encourages and gives recognition to the members of the excellent performance in their respective fields.
  • Global Achiever's Foundation is associated with the publication of leading business newsmagazine namely. "Business View".
  • NRI's can apply for Membership of Global Achiever's Foundation by sending a specific request by EMAIL. Our association will inform the NRI on the procedure for applying for membership.
  • Global Achiever's Foundation arranges visits of different delegations to friendly countries to meet people of  all fields.
  • A reasonable delegate fee from the Awardees in order to raise the necessary funds. The delegate fee, however, is strictly voluntary and no delegate is under any obligation to pa

Governing Body & Management
The Association will be managed by a Governing Body Consisting of the following setup.

1.   President     2.  Vice President      3. Secretary  4. Treasurer    5. Executive Member 
6.  Advisory Board     7.   Research Committee   8. Survey Committee     9. Selection Committee

Awards & Honour
The Global Achiever's Foundation will honour Individuals, Organizations and Institutions with Awards for outstanding contributions and achievements in their respective fields. Awards will also be given in the fields of Health & Education, Commerce & Industries, Hotel & Tourism, Co-operative, Public Social Services & other fields. The Awards will be presented in special seminars which will be chaired by Central Minister / State Minister & National Leaders.


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